7 Warehousing mistakes that small and mid-sized businesses need to be wary of

Warehousing as a concept has been prevalent across small, medium and large enterprises for decades now. Warehouse Management, on the other hand, gained prominence and focus only in last 20 years in India. While large enterprises have embraced warehousing and ERP principles to enhance productivity, smaller businesses are still nascent to the concept.


With onset of e-commerce bringing in emphasis on lower TAT( turnaround time) and higher service levels, warehouse management no longer can take the back stage in business. Every warehouse is unique. The supply chain, workflow and layout depends on the tactics being employed by the management. This diversity in options brings about problems that are unique to each warehouse.


That being said, every warehouse also follows a common underlying pattern in processes: procurement, manufacturing and distribution of products, store bulk products, maintain a tight supply chain and leverage digital tools for efficiency. With this commonality comes common mistakes that almost every warehouse management makes, both in execution and planning. We have conducted a study on the warehousing pitfalls and this ebook focuses on 7 common execution related warehouse mistakes that smaller businesses need to mitigate.


You can download the study here:


Download SME Guide – 7 Warehousing mistakes

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